Friday, July 11, 2003

I'm not wearing any pants!

That's not entirely true... I'm wearing shorts. I often do that in the evening. My general routine after a hard day of button pushing (see: George Jetson), even in the winter - which is rarely very cold in Oklahoma, is to kick off my shoes and socks and change into a pair of shorts. I kind-of lets my lower body go, "Ahhhhh."

I didn't post anything last night because I was in one of those angry moods. I was pissed off at everything... but don't ask me why. There isn't a single event in the day I could point to that set me off. I was just grumpy. Maybe it was the prelude to the sinus headache (suspected sinus infection) I'm coping with tonight. I hate allergies.

I really want a new video card for my computer. Ever since I put in that Riva TNT2 that was a couple of years into obselescence when I did, my system has been nothing but cranky. The damn thing will spontaneously reboot, among other things. This was a huge mystery to me until I installed Windows XP which has an error reporting function. After a crash, it comes back and tells me that the crash was caused by a device driver... the problem is it doesn't tell me which driver is causing the problem... big help. I had always suspected the video card since it's the oldest non-standardized technology in my computer but about a month ago it actually said the problem was with the video card. I was shocked!

The problem now is convincing the chancelor of the exchequer, she who must be obeyed, to let me get one.

This stream of consciousness will self destruct in five seconds.

Sorry I was so lame tonight.

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