Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Look, Ma, No Hands.

Everything turned out well with the boss-man today. He had already gotten his workstation unlocked yesterday and, through my brilliant troubleshooting skills, I realized his problem was with the third-party software. Turns out his new PDA came with a new OS and the software didn't work quite right with it... go fig.

What else is going on? ... hmmmm ...

I've been playing Diablo II a lot the last couple of days. I know I should be continuing to unpack (we moved to a new house a couple of months ago) but I just don't feel like it. I'll probably get some of that done this weekend like I promised to last weekend but didn't feel like it then, either.

Where was I? Oh, yeah: Diablo II. The games kinda fun and I picked up several worthwhile magical items early on. That means I haven't had to do a lot of buying of expensive armor, etc. My gold stash is full (100,000 coins) and I'm carrying around about 25 grand in my pocket. What I can't figure out is what I'm supposed to do with the wooden leg I picked up, belonging to some guy named Wirt, and why my feet keep glowing blue. The curious thing about the leg is it's classified as a weapon, like a club, and it's socketed. That means you can place gems in the sockets and give the item extra power. For instance, if a ruby is inserted into a weapon, it adds fire damage.

Why the hell would I want to beat back monsters with a wooden leg??? That's just sick!

Well, me and my blue suede feet are off to bed.

Stay with TV9, we'll keep you advised.

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