Monday, September 01, 2003

No gnus is good gnus

Been kinda quiet the past week or so. The cold kinda slowed me and the wife down. So, here's the news:

The big blue truck now has 1,175 miles on it. I'm looking for a name/nickname for the truck so if you have any suggestions, post them to the message board.
The last time I filled up, the fuel warning light was just coming on. With the current price of gas (almost $1.60/gal), it cost me almost $35.00 to fill up! To some of you in California or non-oil states, that probably seems cheap. To me, that sucks.

The labor day weekend was seriously non-productive. I already mentioned the cold my wife and I are sharing but it also rained. Then, it rained again. After that, it rained some more. When that was done, it kept raining. Did I mention that it rained? Forget any outside work - which SERIOUSLY needs to be done - but the grey skies kept us pretty bummed out.

To give you an example of the grey-weather-combined-with-a-cold bumming level, let me tell you a little story...

Over the past year or so, I've gotten really good at putting together knocked-down furniture. That's the particle-board stuff with the simulated woodgrain vinyl veneer finish (a sticker that looks like wood) that you put together yourself. Basically, anything they sell at Wal-Mart. When I say I'm really good, I mean I'm really good. I've thought about hiring myself out as an assembler. I can slap together a shelving unit in less than an hour and a small entertainment center only takes me about two... by myself.

With my current mood and physical condition, it took me two days to put together a small chest-of-drawers to go in the closet (it's a big closet). I had to force myself to finish putting the drawers together just so I could get it done. And that included using an electric brad nailer to attach the backing (I usually use a staple gun but I couldn't find my staples... AGAIN). That whole thing should have only taken me an hour and a half... at most.

Another 3-day weekend shot to hell. Oh well, at least I got to sleep.

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