Sunday, October 05, 2003

Let soak for 24 hours

I've been thinking a lot about my last entry. Man, was that a depressing few days.

Anyway, the reality of everything has soaked in and the dust has started to settle. After speaking to Ron late Tuesday afternoon and letting the reality of my situation and the layout of the entire Technology Support division sink in, I feel much better about it all.

I started realizing that I had an opportunity here. I could either be miserable, or make the best of it... I decided on the latter.

At first, the only thing that kept running through my mind was, "Bloom where you're planted." As I told myself those words over and over, I began to realize I was in a pretty good situation. I still get to work with Ron and I'll be facing new challenges. Plus, looking at our section of the org chart as a whole, I landed in a pretty good spot.

As my focus started widening to take in more than the little box with my name in it (and hearing how the Software Services division had been reoganized), I started seeing some interesting patterns. I started noticing that some people had been set up to fail. They had either been placed in a position that didn't appear to suit them at all or they had been put in charge of either an insufficient staff or an ill-equipped staff. I also noticed that some, like Ron and myself, had been set up to succeed. We are good at what we do, we work well together and we can take on any realistic challenge they want to throw our way.

The best change of all, though, is I'll cease to be invisible.

In a climate of such radical change where people are being laid off and pushed out, you might think this is a bad idea. Not so in my case... at least, I refuse to see it that way. I am currently in a position where, by reason of geography and the nature of my job, I don't get noticed until something goes wrong. Meanwhile, certain people in proximity to those in charge are being lauded for their efforts.

My professional career has often been like this. Kind of like the old poem about the train...
They do not let me drive the train, I cannot ring the bell. But, watch the damned thing jump the tracks and see who catches hell.
I'm not saying I want to be in the lime-light or that I intend to kiss up to be noticed but I would appreciate a sincere "thank you" once in a while for putting out extra effort. (Thanks, Ron, for always doing that - it's one of the reasons I respect you)

Anyway... It's getting late and I just didn't want that last entry to fester any longer. I still intend to finish the stories about Detroit, the Renaissance Festival and the concert, and why you shouldn't put 100% faith in directions from the web. PLUS, I'll give you a recap of this weekend... My wife's grandmother came to visit. Oh, wow... there's more. I need to tell you about getting to go fishing with dad!

For now, I'll bid you a fond pie in the face and say goodnight.