Friday, November 14, 2003

Do we really hate the French that much?

Here's something I don't get... French dressing. Not fashion styles, I'm talking about salad dressing. Why don't I get French dressing? Because there's at least three different kinds of salad dressing you can call French dressing. There's red French, orange French and Catalina style.

With this identity crisis firmly in place in American society, you never know quite exactly what you're going to get when you order French dressing on your salad. Some people ask - "Is it red French or orange French?"

There is no other salad dressing for which this is necessary!!

Ranch dressing is always white and you never see anyone asking if the thousand island has only 750 islands.

I suppose this confusion is why it is now near impossible to get French dressing on a salad from a restaurant. Either that or the restaurant industry was really pissed about that deck of cards thing.

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