Friday, November 14, 2003

I'm so confused

It's 3am and I hurt. The once-a-day anti-inflamatory obviously wore off after 12 hours.

I decided to see if I could find information on temporary relief, such as heat or cold, to use while waiting for the Tylenol I took 20 minutes ago to kick in (it still hasn't). Now I'm confused. I wonder if maybe I didn't describe the pain correctly or if maybe this isn't the right diagnosis.

Everything I am reading says TN is an excruciating pain that is often described as like an electric shock. If that's true, someone is holding the electrode against my nerve. I have a constant, intense pain. It doesn't throb and it doesn't feel all wiggly like an electrical impulse.

Of course, I've seen one posting where someone described it as a constant pain - which mine is if some sort of pain reliever or NSAID is not in effect. It seems hard to pin down because one site says "One typical feature of TN is that it is rarely typical. For many TN patients, the condition does not conform to the symptoms of 'classic' TN."

Funny thing is, I wouldn't describe this as facial pain... I'd describe it as jaw pain. It feels like someone has a vice wrapped around my teeth. I originally thought it was sinus pain because during past experiences with sinus infections I often have tooth pain (although not as intense).

I'll have to see how the anti-convulsant works, if at all. The pharmacy was out and I have to go pick it up this afternoon.

Okay - it's 15 minutes later and the single Tylenol hasn't kicked in... time for a second.

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