Sunday, June 13, 2004

Easy like a Sunday... afternoon

It's a comfortable 79 degrees right now in Stillwater, OK. I'm sitting out on the back deck with the wireless card fired up. JD is out here with me and we're enjoying the guitar riffs of "Legs" by ZZ Top on the speakers I finally got mounted last week. We're actually listening to the Sirius satellite radio Big 80's courtesy of Dish Network.

JD just got checked out by a bright green dragonfly. I think it surprised him. It hovered about six inches in front of his nose and he just stared at it like it was about to bite him or something. It stayed there a few seconds then went to rest on another part of the deck and eventually went on to other things that dragonflies do.

SWEET! "Burnin' Down The House" just came on.

Anyway, I'm out here working on a project for work. "On a SUNDAY?" I hear you ask. Yes, on a Sunday. You see, this is a voluntary project and I'd like to have it ready by tomorrow... I'll give more details later depending on the outcome.

A couple of friends got married last night. They're renting our condo in Florida so that, along with a photo album, was our gift to them. I'm hoping they don't have any difficulties getting checked in.

Dan Carlile showed up to the wedding. He had been my upper-level manager for about 3 years before being "reassigned" and finally accepting a position at Iowa State. He's only been gone about six months and I didn't realize how much I missed him - and how much has changed even since he left - until I saw him last night. Just chatting with him, even avoiding "shop talk," was a real boost to my morale. He's definately in the top ten people who have had the greatest influence on my life... and he's near the top.

Well, I need to get to my work. Just thought I'd share some of the natural wonders I'm currently enjoying.

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