Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Saturday at the Cinema

Over the weekend I rented a couple of movies I've been wanting to see. The first was 28 Days Later. Three words: Weird F'ing Movie. It was worth seeing once, I suppose, but it was somewhat predictable, full of plot holes (i.e. why didn't "the infected" attack each other?), and scientifically unbelievable.

Second, on the recommendation of my sister, I watched Dreamcatcher. She wanted me to see it because of this entry I made a few weeks ago. Those of you who have seen it will understand the reference.

Dreamcatcher is a typical Stephen King movie. It involves a group of people who have been friends since childhood who grew up and discover that they must deal with some terrible evil later in life. It also involves the paranormal, aliens and military personnel who think they have to kill everyone.

If you haven't seen it, you won't understand why I'm reminded of the movie every time I go to the bathroom... thanks Mary.

On Sunday, we went to see The Cronicles of Riddick. This is the continuing story of Richard B. Riddick, a character introduced in the movie Pitch Black. Say what you will about Vin Diesel but I enjoyed his performance in Pitch Black and have enjoyed many of his other movies. Riddick was visually stunning and Diesel carries through the character very well. Riddick didn't do anything in this movie that I didn't expect based on his actions and attitude in the previous movie. It's rare that an actor caries through a character so well these days.

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