Sunday, August 01, 2004

As if you needed another reason

I was helping Kevin help his dad move this weekend. I owed him one, and I have a pickup truck... but that's not what this is about.

In order to shorten the number of trips (we were only moving him a few blocks), Kevin's dad called Kevin's sister's boyfriend, let's call him Dim, who also drives a pickup truck. Dim and Laura (Kevin's sister) weren't available to help but Dim did offer his truck.

Now, apparently, Dim had been arrested in the recent past for a DUI (drinking and driving). As part of his sentence, the authorities attached a device to the ignition of his truck that tests his alcohol level before the truck will start. Basically, he has to blow into a little black box that "smells" his breath. If there's too much alcohol, the device prevents the truck from starting.

Dim and Laura met us at the new place and Dim showed Kevin how the breathalizer worked. Kevin started the truck and we drove back for another load.

I arrived a little ahead of Kevin and backed into the driveway. We loaded my truck then went to swap the vehicles around and load Dim's truck.

It's a good thing we loaded my truck first. Despite the fact that none of us had been anywhere near alcohol for at least 24 hours, we all got winded trying to satisfy the starting device. In the end, we left Dim's truck right were it was and finished up with my truck.

So, if the possibility of hurting your vehicle, yourself, or someone else while driving under the influence of alcohol isn't enough to disuade you, think of the inconvenience of having one of these special little black boxes attached to your ignition... what a pain in the ass.

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