Thursday, August 18, 2005

One More Day

My first week at the new job is complete.  Most of the computer problems have been minor and easily corrected – except for one possibly schizophrenic server.  I’ve driven around 400 miles to visit four of the “remote” clinics.

The biggest thing I forsee is taking care of the projects I’ve started to list.  Taken as a whole, they look overwhelming.  I need to break them down into individual steps, which I’ve already started doing, and just take it one step at a time.

Project one is introducing some semblance of consistency to all of the locations.  It seems that a different person set up each of the different locations.  As such, passwords aren’t synchronized, server IP addresses aren’t consistent (one was on DHCP! -GASP!-), and a few other quirks.  After that, we’ll start working on the “Thou Shalt NOT Use Thine Server As A Workstation!”  But since that may require buying several new computers, it might not happen as quickly as I want.  The other biggies involve security and having to change the way people interact with their computers.

Tomorrow, however, I take up my last day at OSU.  There was some creative leave time involved but I officially sign out tomorrow.  I may have a final task or two to take care of but most likely I will spend the day visiting with friends and other cow-orkers (yes, I meant to spell it that way) saying goodbye and explaining my new job and how the first week went.  Oh, yeah, I intend to pick a couple of brains while I have the chance, too.

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