Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Blogety blog blog (blarg honk!)

Okay so the entries have been too light and too few lately but I have good news!

1. I went to the review for my final exam today.  It is the last regular class I’ll have to attend for a while*.  The final is Monday night and after that, I’ll have more (not much more) time to devote to things like blogging.

2. My brain has been missing blogging and has started writing entries on-the-fly again.  This is a good sign.  Unfortunately, by the time I have time to actually write a blog entry, my brain has moved on to other things and has already placed the half written blog entry into the ethereal shredder.

Stay tuned


*I’m not enrolled for next semester and I don’t intend to get enrolled.  Life just got way too busy and I need to get more comfortable in the new job before I pick it up again. (paying off the bursar bill would help, too)

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