Thursday, July 13, 2006

Karma and the art of Computer Maintenance

I had ordered some computer upgrades and they were due to be delivered by FedEx ground on Saturday, July 1. Mid-aftermoon, the upgrades hadn't shown up so I called the vendor, then FedEx - who was VERY rude to me - then the vendor again and eventually got someone at FedEx who told me yes, with this service they normally deliver on Saturday and offered to trace the package.

When I called FedEx to check on the trace on Monday morning, they told me that tracking requests were usually processed the next business day after receipt. Since the request was put in Saturday it was picked up Monday and would normally be processed Tuesday but, Tuesday being a holiday, would not be processed until Wednesday. Later that afternoon, my wife told me my parts had shown up. I came home to the parts and a phone message from FedEx saying they were attempting to locate my package and would get back to me. I figured I would let them sweat - serves them right for losing track of my package. I mean, they invented this process they should get it right.

My assumption was that they would discover that the package had been delivered and life would go on. Yesterday, they left another message... (I'm paraphrasing) "We haven't been able to locate your package and recommend filing a claim. Please call..."

If I were a dishonest person. If I had a grudge against FedEx. If I wasn't afraid of the karmic backlash... I'd file the claim and get my money back. But I am honest, I don't have a grudge, and I am so afraid of karmic backlash... I'm just going to let it go.

The 100% rebate is tempting right now, though.

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