Friday, September 14, 2007

Middle Name Meme

Sherry tagged me (and I know her REAL name!).

Here are the rules. Write a post using each letter of your middle name describing something relevant to your life. Tag the same amount of people as you have letters in your name.

F - Frustrated that I can't find a job.

R - Relocated to where the buffalo don't roam.

A - Anticipating finding that new job and the opportunities it will bring.

N - Not giving up.

C - Crazy, just like I always have been.

I - Insecure about my life right now.

S - Secret. That's what my middle name used to be when I was younger. Now you know, it's Francis. By the way, I am proud to be Joseph Francis Fusco, Junior.

Don't know if there are seven people I can tag that haven't already been tagged. How about this. Tag yourself if you want.

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