Saturday, January 19, 2008

Feeling Better

I finally got a good nights sleep last night and I have a much bette rperspective. As I said, I was just tired.

I think there also may have been some misunderstanding. Nobody was really getting "under my skin" but listening to people talk about their certifications just reminds me that I don't have that many. Plus, sometimes listening to side conversations on the other end of the phone and hearing people talk about things I am ignorant of like they're giving directions to the corner gas station trips the circuit. When I'm that tired (and I was really tired on Friday), the circuit tends to trip a lot.

But you'll notice that, even in that condition, I'm still sticking to my determination to look forward. Re-read the last line of my previous post.

And to my sister, don't worry, I'm stocking the pond. I'm still pretty sure the ecosystem would break down if I didn't.

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