Friday, January 18, 2008

The Total Perspective Vortex

This week has been a bit wearisome. Because of some shenanigans (training) going on at the southern facility, our facility had to pick up the slack. As such, I was asked to come in 30 minutes early for the last three days of the week (as were several others). This, combined with a few other factors, made me very tired and very susceptible to - oh, let's just call a spade a spade - depression.

So, as some of the people around me celebrated the passage of certification exams and planned for their next, and as I ended up with a couple of difficult cases, because of the issue or because I'm not quite as familiar with the particular hardware, I started feeling somewhat inadequate and insignificant. That little circuit in my brain, you have one too, I'm sure you do, kicked in that told me that there would always be people better at this than me... lots of people. Much as I try to celebrate the uniqueness that is me and be happy with and proud of my accomplishments, this circuit kicks in from time to time. This is the same circuit that causes me to seriously doubt myself and my ability to do my job. It stayed active a lot this week. I did, however, manage to keep it in check and refrained from huddling in the corner in a fetal position sucking my thumb (no, it wasn't really that bad I just liked the image that portrayed).

It is Friday night and I am home now. I can sleep in in the morning and nap in the afternoon if I wish. Next week, I'll be back to my regular schedule and can hopefully keep that circuit turned off. I plan to start asking some questions about certification processes next week, too.

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