Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I have a WD 250GB SATA hard drive (if I've lost you already, just skip this entry) that is starting to show signs of failing. To stave off the headaches associated with a hard drive crash, I purchased a Seagate 500GB SATA hard drive to use as my boot drive and expand my storage.

I had some challenges in getting the system to recognize the drive and get Windows to install but the short version is this: If I connect either of the drives individually, the system boots fine. If I connect both of them, setting the boot order to boot off the 500GB drive, the system bogs down and startup is very slow. When and if I get to the windows boot menu (I'm dual booting XP and Vista) I select which OS I want to load but it doesn't work. Usually it hangs at a black screen. Sometimes the mouse cursor is visible but won't move. I once left it to boot into Vista and got to the login screen but couldn't move the mouse or use the keyboard to select any options.

I bought a USB connector for the drive (think hard drive enclosure without the actual enclosure) and managed to pull all the data off the 250 with no problems. I have deleted all of the partitions and am back to a raw drive but that doesn't help. I thought there was some sort of software conflict but it appears to be a hardware conflict.

Any suggestions? My next step is to format or possibly zero out the drive. Do you think that will help?

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