Sunday, March 23, 2008

Reroute Power To The Main Deflector

As I stated in my previous post, using the external power got me up and running with both hard drives. I knew I had some funky things going on in there with Y-plugs, adapters, and fan splits so I took a good look at it. I juggled some things around and ended up swapping the power plug that had been running the DVD drives with the hard drives and actually ended up removing an unneeded power splitter. I plugged it all back together, fired it up and both hard drives are humming along.

On another note, I am playing with the idea of moving the blog off Blogger and on to my own domain. I have installed WordPress at and will be experimenting over the next several days/weeks. If I can get WP to look the way I want and maybe get some cool plugins, I may just make the move. I'll keep you posted.

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