Sunday, June 08, 2008

Nope, Didn't Make It

I skipped Trek Expo this year. Like I said, I'm disappointed on many levels.

It's probably a good thing. Our cash flow hasn't been that great recently and that's money I didn't need to spend. Of course, what I spent at garage sales and getting to them this weekend probably cost about the same. My friend Kevin and I haven't hit garage sales together since before I moved to Idaho and he was in a mood to go. It didn't hurt that there were no less than eighteen neighborhood garage sales near his area of Oklahoma City. I got up, drove to OKC, and we spent the day buying stuff on the cheap that we really didn't need.

That's not entirely true. I picked up a Hoover FloorMate for $30 and I've been wanting one of those for a LONG time. That's only $10 more than the deductible to go see my doctor when I have back spasms after trying to mop our ceramic floors. Quite a bargain if you ask me.

Other than that I've been doing stuff around the house like laundry, mowing the lawn...

Speaking of mowing the lawn... I haven't mowed the back lawn in 3-4 weeks for various reasons and excuses. Some of the grass was better than knee high - seriously. As I came around on one pass, I noticed a small area I had just mowed over on the last pass and it was squirming. I looked down and saw three or four very small critters jockeying for position. None of them appeared to be hurt as they had been burrowed in just under ground level.

These were baby critters who hadn't opened their eyes quite yet and, at first, I thought they were mice. We have a multitude of them around our area and they've gotten into the attic again (gonna have to do something about that). Having gloves on, I gently picked one up and examined it. Odd shaped ears. The back feet don't look quite right. No whip of a tail. This is not a mouse.

Somebunny used our long grass for cover. They were baby rabbits no bigger than an adult mouse.

I don't know if they'll survive but I did what I could for them. I put the one back and he snuggled in with his siblings. I turned the mower chute away from them and carefully mowed the grass around them. Finally, I pulled some of the long grass that was left and laid it over the hole. I figured this would shelter them from the sun and any prying eyes circling the sky. I checked on them this morning and they seem to be OK.

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