Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I hate politicians.

I'm watching the debates again. Obviously. I think the questions are simple enough so why can't they seem to answer them? I understand that the answers are far from simple but the format seems to be repeat your sound bites, blow your own horn, touch -briefly- on the subject of the actual question, attack your opponent, blow your own horn again, then go overtime.


I mean, when you're asked how you would prioritize three items, why does it take longer than 1 minute to answer?

I will say that I prefer the town meeting format but I've already stopped listening because, honestly, I heard most of it in the first 15 minutes. The funny thing is that None of the debates have served to solidify my choice - which is tenuous at best anyway. The first pres debate was filled with just as much B.S. as this one. The V.P. debate wasn't much better. I don't care for either of the running mates and the debate didn't give me reason to like either any better.


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