Friday, November 14, 2008

Second Impressions

Still loving the new phone. I've already tweaked the interface to rearrange a few things to my liking and I've found a few more tweaks I want to do.

I'm not exactly enamored with the keyboard. The keys are smaller and I definitely cannot type as quickly as I could on the 8x25 and Tilt keyboards. The kb also stretches further toward the edge of the device and you either have to hold it less securely or shift your grip to get to the keys on the left and right edges of the keyboard.

The GPS is WICKED COOL!! It turns Google Maps into a navigator. Of course, there's novoice telling you which direction to go but I'm sure I'll get something like that eventually (if it's not too pricey).

I already have a case on the way. I'm a little nervous about the slick surfaces. I bought a Body Glove hard case that has a "sand" texture to it and is supposed to be low profile. It will help maintain a grip and protect the phone a bit, too. Plus, the phone will no longer be such a fingerprint magnet... sheesh.

Anyway, gotta go get ready for work. LOTS more over the weekend (including pictures).

BTW - The ONLY reason I have a phone this advanced is because my work requires me to have mobile access to email and they give me a little extra in my salary to cover the phone bill. Yes, I could have gone with a less expensive phone but for those of you who know me you know that simply wouldn't do.

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