Saturday, February 07, 2009

First Saturday Hangover

I'm sitting here in Paul's Valley, OK on my way back from the First Saturday sale in Dallas,TX. Kevin asked me to go with him because he was interested in picking up a laptop. He never could settle on one so he didn't buy one but that didn't mean we are heading home empty-handed.

Kevin managed to pick up some more network storage enclosures and a couple of other small items. I, having come into a small sum of unexpected funds (the original plan was that my pockets would be empty), found a motherboard to replace the one in my 'spare' PC that appears to be defective. I also picked up a pair of stereo bluetooth headphones to use w/ my phone & my computer (and possibly even my work laptop).

It was a fun time. We had very good weather and among stacks of surplus Dell computers of varying worth, the vendors had a nice variety of garage-sale quality stuff. The 'Junk Man' brought -two- trucks! And there was actually some quality pickins in there (but nothing either of us desired).

As per tradition, we will get off I-35 at the 122nd street exit in Oklahoma City and have breakfast at the Waffle House. After which I will drive home to Stillwater and promptly crash for several hours. It is only post-slumber that the hangover will kick in. I probably won't be worth s#!t for the rest of the weekend.

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