Monday, February 23, 2009

Hey, Mister Postman

The postman came by our house while I was at lunch today. And I now have my stereo bluetooth headphones in my hot little hands.

Ever since the First Saturday Headphone Debacle, I have wanted to go ahead and just buy another pair. I spent several days pouring through eBay listings and reading reviews of the different models withing my price range.

I seriously considered buying another Insignia brand but their QC seems highly variable and I'd already been burned once. I also looked at models from LG, NextLink, Sony and Maxfun. Some were cheaply constructed, others "so uncomfortable they hurt." In the end, I opted for a Motorola HT820. The negatives in the user reviews all seemed to be based on personal preferences rather than design or construction problems.

After letting them charge for a little over an hour, I went ahead and paired them to my HTC Fuze. To me, sound quality is just as good as wired headphones (that opinion may change after I use them for more than 2 minutes). All remote functions work as expected. I can control volume as well as play/pause and next/previous functions. When I press the call button, voice commander responded as expected, although I didn't actually try giving it a command. I tried calling the phone and the ringtone came through the phone rather than the headset. That may be something I can change or it just wasn't in the right mode.

Fit is as expected. The HT820 is a behind-the-head design. None of the BTH headphones are adjustable and fit is based partially on the size of your cranium. They're not uncomfortable although they do strain against my neck and ears if I tilt my head up. We'll see how they fare in extended, normal use but I'm not disappointed.

At first blush, I'm quite happy. Now I just have to get a bigger MicroSD card so I can store more music on my phone.

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