Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Reason To Be Suspicious Of Microsoft (as if you needed it)

I'm trying to embed some wmv files into a PowerPoint presentation. They play fine on my PC but won't play on another PC. I figured out that what I am doing is simply linking to the files and not placing the actual movies into the presentation. So I pulled up help and typed in 'embed wmv.'

The first item that was listed looked promising. It read, 'Troubleshoot issues with sounds, movies, and links in your PowerPoint presentation.' Ah, just what I was looking for. But instead of being directed to a Microsoft KB article or even to a Microsoft forum, I was directed to a third-party site called pptfaq.com.

Well, presumably MS knew it was there because they had to integrate it into their help system, right? The only problem was that it had inaccurate information. One of the first things the article does is to point you to another site that has a free add-in for embeding movies. The only problem is that the developer of the add-in has decided that he now wants to get paid for his efforts.

Normally, at the end of every help article, Microsoft provides a feedback box. Was this article helpful? Care to comment? But since this was not a Microsoft site, there was no feedback form. Is MS now endorsing third-party help sites? did this just get picked up via an integrated web search?

Trustworthy Computing... right.

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