Monday, April 20, 2009

Not So Much Hate

Okay, after bitching about my phone the other day I decided to take action. I have had the problem with the multi-tap on the touch screen for a few months now. At one point, I performed a hard reset (resets the phone to out-of-the-box condition) then immediately restored a backup that included all of the tweaks, twiddles, and frobs I had applied to the phone. Just to be sure, I did it a little differently this time.

I hard-reset the phone then proceeded to reinstall all of the programs I previously installed except and of the configuration programs. This load needed to be completely tweak/hack free just to be sure it is a hardware problem not a software problem.

The first thing I did was to try IE. It seems to work fine. I suspected that was a configuration thing anyway. In addition, I have not (yet) experienced the problems I was having with Opera that required resetting the radios. The reset also allowed me to easily fix the note sync problem (I don't sync those anymore).

The multi-tap problem is still there. I pay for phone insurance but there's a $150 deductible that I really don't want to pay. I double checked the AT&T website and they have a special number to call for warranty replacement. They are, of course, going to take me through some troubleshooting (unless this is a known issue) before just sending me another phone but I don't have a problem with that. I have a reminder to give them a call later this afternoon. What would be cool is if they sent me a replacement with the new ROM on it... or sent me the new ROM just to be sure.

UPDATE: I should be receiving my replacement phone in approximately 5 business days. They agreed it was a hardware problem.

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