Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Hardest Thing To Say Is Goodbye

This is Sam Cody. He's my sister's dog. As I've mentioned before, we never had dogs or other animals growing up so Sam Cody is one of my sister's first dogs.

Several years ago, Sam Cody ended up with a herniated disc in his neck. It causes him pain at times in his shoulders and legs. I don't know if they've done surgery or they couldn't do surgery or it just wouldn't do much good if they did. I do know he's been on steroids and other anti-inflamatories for a few years now and it has become increasingly difficult for him over the last several months.

My brother just called an told me Sam Cody's back legs gave out this morning. He simply couldn't move them. He eventually recovered but that is probably the sign. I haven't heard anything definite but I'm 75% sure they'll take him in and he won't have to hurt anymore.

This is my sister's first loss of a pet. I've been through about six for various reasons. Some are easier to take than others but it always sucks. Especially those that you haven't come to accept quite yet.

We'll miss the Cody Bear.

Update: I received a two-word text message from my sister, "It's done." :(

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