Saturday, May 23, 2009

Unofficially Official

Okay 90% of you, my regular readers, are not going to care one bit about this post. Okay, I give, 100% of my regular readers are not going to care about this post but I'm posting it anyway.

I finally did it. The leaked official ROM update for the AT&T Fuze has been out for almost three months now and AT&T has yet to officially release it. I got tired of waiting and flashed the ROM on my phone this afternoon. The flashing whores (their term, not mine) at XDA and Fuze Mobility would say I took the easy way out but, hey, you gotta start somewhere.

The update went smoothly. I did it because the radio is supposed to be better, some of the quirks of the GPS are supposed to be fixed, a couple of the stock programs got updated (i.e. Opera), and the PTT button remap is built in. The only lingering problem is that my computer keeps sound off the USB connect/disconnect. Gonna reboot after it finishes uninstalling the PC suite from my old Sony phone.

I went to restore my settings, etc. with Sprite Backup and it recognized that it was a different ROM. It popped up an upgrade mode dialogue and I opted to restore the whole thing. I soon noticed that it was restoring Opera9.exe and did a hard reset to start over. I think I'll just put back my personal data and rebuild the 3rd-party software from scratch.

Before flash:
ROM version: 1.95.502.5 WWE
ROM date: 10/20/08
Radio version:
Protocol version: 52.39c.25.22H

After flash:
ROM version: 5.08.502.1 WWE
ROM date: 02/19/09
Radio version:
Protocol version:

UPDATE: I did a personal data only restore w/ databases. As I was reinstalling my software, each one would tell me the previous version needed to be uninstalled, then it couldn't uninstall, then the installation was unsuccessful... but all the programs worked.

Update 2: One of the phone features I like to play with use the most is the GPS. With the new ROM, it locks in about 15 seconds instead of 5 minutes. SWEET!!

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