Friday, June 19, 2009

Boy, Howdy, Am I Ready For The Weekend

This has been one of the TOUGHEST weeks I've had to endure in a long time. I had phone calls stacking up on each other. People requiring my attention "right now." Needing to be three places at once. And to top it off, I got yelled at by a faculty member about 30 minutes ago because his computer - which was broken far beyond a simple fix - has been out for four days (it's been 3) and we didn't bring him a replacement (which we don't generally do). He threatened to take it to a local repair shop next time. I've got news for him, they take longer than I do and I would still have to work on it for about 1/2 day to get it ready for him to use. At the moment, it is copying his recovered data back on to the just-rebuilt hard drive. It will be ready for delivery in about 20 minutes (if that long). I promised it to him today and he shall have it today.

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