Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quick Check-In

I have several things I could talk about but have been a little busy. I literally took 5 or 6 phone calls in a row yesterday. They were timed so perfectly that my cell phone didn't even have a chance to ring in between. Then, the last time I tried to put together a real entry, Blogger wouldn't let me in to the editor.

I wasn't going to do this but here's a few things happening:
  • Had my performance review @ work
  • I should probably be a little upset about it
  • Was judged on some unspoken expectations
  • That have now been spoken
  • Rearranging the office
  • And it's not going particularly well but we're almost done
  • Got a new 'netbook' at work (Dell Latitude 2100) and having fun with it
  • Switched from the Matrix Pro back to the Fuze
  • The Fuze's ringer is too quiet since I flashed the ROM
  • There's a fix but I haven't found it yet
  • Wish I could combine the two phones
  • Still think I'd be happy with a slate style smartphone with a touch screen
  • Laughing at the 'new' features of the iPhone
  • That Windows Mobile has been doing for over 10 years :)
  • They couldn't fix the iPod hard drive
  • Found a replacement drive on eBay for $20
  • Waiting for iPod to come back and hard drive to get here
  • Hope they both arrive at same time
I could bullet-ramble on but I'll stop there. Have a good Thursday y'all. And leave me a comment to say hello. It's getting lonely just hearing from my sister. I love her dearly but sometimes you want to hear a different voice. Plus, I'm wondering if anybody else even stops by.

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