Saturday, August 15, 2009

Crunch Time

I've been posting so sparsely and have wandered away from the storytelling because it's crunch time. I work for an educational institution and classes start Monday. I still have a big project to wrap up (updating the software on all of the computer lab machines) so I'll be at work probably most of the day today. All of my employees are paid hourly so its just going to be little old me. That's partly my fault (that it's going to just be me) and, trust me, that won't be the case next time.

Why am I behind the 8 Ball?
1. Timing: I got a late start because this is my first cycle being responsible for getting all of this together
2. Tools: I spent a good amount of effort at the beginning of the Summer trying to find a drive imaging solution only to find out that we already had one.
3. Knowledge transfer: I've made the mistake of continuing to ask one of my subordinates (whom I thought was experienced with the ins-and-outs but either doesn't understand what I ask, doesn't articulate answers well, or doesn't care) about how things work around there and what resources we have available instead of asking my boss.
4. Resource allocation: I need to learn how to delegate better. I have this tendency to want to do things myself the first time so I know what's happening and can efficiently direct resources next time... but that's not always the best way to get things done. I gotta find that balance.

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