Sunday, August 30, 2009

Do Only That Which Is Right

Although my father would almost assuredly cringe at the thought, I have been thinking about being ordained in the Universal Life Church. That's the internet church that you basically give your name and email to, like you were signing up for Facebook or something, and Ta-Da! you're clergy. I have thought about it before as a lark (for $12 you can get a certificate saying you're a "Reverend of Rock 'n Roll" or one of several other official- and not-so-official-sounding titles - I kind-of like "Universal Philosopher of Absolute Reality") but backed out because it seemed somewhat sacrilegious.

So, why am I thinking about it again? I have a friend who is getting married. In two weeks. In the middle of nowhere. In Wyoming. And based on other indicators, I'm not sure he has exactly secured an officiator for this ceremony. I am driving out there with a mutual friend in a straight shot, we're going to crash in a hotel room for the night, attend the ceremony, then do a straight shot back to Oklahoma. If I'm going to go through all that trouble, I want to make SURE this thing happens even if I have to officiate it myself. As such, my ordination would not be for any spiritual reason, really, but only so I could legally solemnize the/a wedding. Of course, what I do with it from there... who knows?

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