Thursday, January 07, 2010

What A Waste Of A Survey

I have been a member of Harris Poll Online for several years now. Every time I complete a survey, I get points. I can then trade those points in for products. I've gotten a lava lamp, a nice bird feeder (I broke the one my wife got), and a $20 Amazon gift card among other things. But the process isn't the important thing here.

I've been doing this for a while. Sometimes, you can tell who paid for the survey by the questions they ask. There are a couple that I don't bother answering anymore because I can tell from the title who paid for it and the types of questions they're going to ask and, frankly, I've already giving my opinion.

You can also tell what they're trying to find out by the questions they ask. The questions are generally balanced and the surveys are fairly well written... until today. They're going to have to throw mine out. I finally started giving BS answers because they kept asking the exact same thing using different terms, they asked questions that seemed irrelevant and one question didn't even offer complete options. It asked how strongly I agreed or disagreed and didn't give any agreement options. It stopped at neutral.

Oh well, I got my 100 points.

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