Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Decisions... Decisions...

I already know I want to get an iPhone. I had to wait a few months for my renewal date to come around in April. I waited until my birthday in May to check into it. I learned the iPhone4 was coming out in June... so I waited some more. Now the iPhone 4 has been announced and I have to wait for it, too. But do I want to?

I can get a 16GB iPhone 3GS for $97 right now from Wal-Mart (I will, of course, have to wait until they get them back in stock - or wait until AT&T drops the price). AT&T will eventually be selling the 16GB 3GS for $99. The 16GB i4 is going to be $199. I still have the $100 AT&T gift card so I have some options.

I'm jonesing for an iPhone. I didn't see any earth-shattering, gotta-have-it features of the i4. The biggest thing to me is the screen resolution and I can take it or leave it. But I don't want to wait anymore! Just like Veruka Salt, "I want it NOW!"

I think what will tip the scale between the 3GS and the 4 is how much the 32GB 3GS sells for. It is currently $299. If they drop it $100 like they're dropping the 16GB, I'll go for capacity over bells & whistles any day. I gotta admit, though, that those bells and whistles are kinda shiny.

The three items that intrigue me are the high-resolution screen I mentioned above, the front-facing camera (I could have some fun with that if you can record from it), and the stainless steel band that is supposed to function as an antenna and improve signal (but may also increase radiation output and bake the brains of half the world, thus accelerating Steve Jobs' plan for world domination).

To 4 or not to 4? That is the question. Whether 'tis more practical in the hand to suffer the slings and arrows of not having a fortune, or to take arms against the debates and by ignoring them, end them... and buy the shiny one. (sorry, Mr. Shakespeare)

I suppose two more weeks ain't so bad. They'll be taking pre-orders on Monday.

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