Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drinking The Kool-Aid

I went ahead and pulled the trigger this afternoon and bought an iPhone. Right deal, right time.

I realize that the iPhone 4 is coming out in about 10 days and it's the new shiny but I talked with some people at the AT&T store and decided to go with the 3GS. Here's why:

Right now AT&T is selling the 16Gb 3GS for $149* and the 32GB 3GS for $199*. These are closeout prices. The new $99* 3GS will be 8GB. When the iPhone 4 hits stores, the 32GB will go back up to $299* (yeah, sure it will).

The iPhone 4 has three things I can see being important to me.
  1. The high-resolution screen. I'm sure it's mighty sweet but I don't watch a lot of videos and, frankly, I'm okay with the current screen.
  2. Extended battery life. I know 4 people who use their iPhones in the exact same environment I will be using it. I've never heard them complain. Again, nice but I can get by with the current offering.
  3. Front-facing camera. Oh, I could have fun with this but it's just not a deal-breaker.
So, I can wait 10 days, spend $199 and get a 16GB iPhone 4 or I can buy a 32GB iPhone 3GS today. I went for capacity over features. That simple.

The only kicker is that, since it is at a closeout price, I don't get the 30-day trial period. I'm stuck with it now whether I like it or not.

* With new 2-year agreement

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