Thursday, November 13, 2003


After fighting a couple more days with the pain, I finally went to my family doctor. From what I could feel, I couldn't decide if the tooth was irritating my sinuses or the other way around. After examining me, he surmised the pain was due to Trigeminal Neuralgia. According to the site linked by the words in the previous sentence, TN "is universally considered to be the most painful affliction known to medical practice."

According to another site, TN can be caused by "Physical damage to the nerve caused by dental or surgical procedures, injury to the face or infections." Sounds about right. I think the dentist struck a nerve.

The Dr. has put me on an extended relief anti-inflamatory, an anti-viral agent, and an anti-convulsive. That should do it. I should be able to return to work tomorrow and, hopefully, have some semblance of a normal day.

From what I've seen on the web, TN is rare but it appears to be chronic. I only hope I'm in it for the short-haul due to trauma and my Trgeminal nerve will settle down in short order.

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