Monday, October 08, 2007

I Feel Like A Cat Toy!

I'm being played with. It seems that I am now the Universe's plaything. I get no significant action on my job search in Boise for six months. I make the decision to move back to Oklahoma - the lease is expiring, the wife's job is ending, I have career possibilities in Oklahoma, I have just enough money to make the move - and suddenly everything picks up.

About the same time I was originally talking to the recruiter for the job in Oklahoma, I received an email and a call from a bank in Boise. I responded to the email and made a single attempt to make phone contact (just to keep the door open) but haven't pursued it beyond that. I haven't called them again and they haven't called me.

The job offer from the recruiter is now on hold. The last word is it's the end of their quarter and the hold is probably related to that. I am supposed to call next Wednesday to see if the offer can be extended with a start date on or after November 1, or if he has to wait until November 1 to extend the offer.

In the mean time, I have received a phone call from a recruiting company for a well-paying position with a "fortune 500 company" in Oklahoma (I honestly have no idea who the company is). I am working to connect with him today and get the scoop on that situation.

So I finally determine when we will be moving and I finish reserving the U-Haul. I pop over to my email account to check for the confirmation and what else do I find? A message from Boise State (with whom I have applied for 5 or 6 positions) saying "Congratulations! You're a finalist" and asking for a phone interview (I applied for the job in early September before much of the current situation went down). The job is one that would be easy to do, appears to pay very well for what it is, and would allow me to easily attend classes for my Master's degree.

I don't know whether I'm coming or going!

Honestly, though, I have to move back to Oklahoma. There are circumstances that require that I return no matter what opportunity may be presented to me in Boise. I just really wish, as much difficulty as I've had here so far, it were easier to tear myself away from Boise.

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