Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Think It's Time

I'm about to go to bed. Never mind why I'm up so late.

I just checked on JD. He's been outside most of the day. For some reason, he prefers the coolness. He has preferred to stay outside since last night, either lying in the shade or lying on the cool concrete. I think the cooler temperatures make his hardship easier to bear somehow. Even when he's inside, he prefers the linoleum to the carpet. Of course, he used to enjoy lying on the ceramic tile in the house in Oklahoma and he has always liked the rain. But I digress.

JD hasn't eaten anything in over 24 hours. He drank a little water this morning but has since refused everything I present to him. Obviously, his stomach has been upset. I've given him dramamine but it doesn't seem to affect his appetite anymore. I don't know if he'd just rather not eat because of his tummy troubles or if he's preparing himself to move on to whatever is next. I'm going to discuss it with the wife in the morning but if he survives tomorrow I think I will be calling the vet on Monday to help ease his suffering. My tears come now in empathy, not at the prospect of losing him.

Teddy has been adjusting. I think he would rather JD were around and things were as they always were (so wouldn't we all, I think) but he seems to be weaning off the dependency. I know he knows there's something wrong. As in all things with him, though, the happy continues. The only time I've ever seen him down is when he had Kennel Cough. He's been through the ingestion of several Singulair tablets and even a bout of serious tummy troubles one night but neither of those have slowed him one bit.

Life goes on, despite this. I served my last shift at the PT job this evening and have the packing and planning and cleaning to look forward to. I'll get into more detail on that later. For now, I will let sleeping dogs lie and take my cue to go to bed and get some rest. I'm going to need it.

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