Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Operation Mashed Potato(e) ;)

The title is what my sister is calling our move back to Oklahoma. Not sure I care for it because it smacks of failure, but it's cute and I know that's not how it was meant.

I've made some good progress in packing and arranging and planning over the past couple of days. My brother is coming up to help drive the truck back (thank God!) and my mother-in-law is coming up to help with some of the last minute packing/cleaning/arrangements and to help drive back. It's good to have family.

When this all started, I wasn't sure how close our margin was going to be. I was wondering if we were going to have enough money to eat before that first paycheck came in. Actually, I don't think I had the job yet so it was even more tense. Anyway, I said to God, "In the past, there has always been enough money to survive. It has shown up at the most needed time and from the most unlikely of sources. I ask only that we have enough for I know from experience that you will provide it." So far, it's working out.

The days are long and busy but that elephant is starting to get noticeably smaller.

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