Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quick Update

  • Aware that I haven't been around much
  • Settling in at the new job
  • Still not exactly sure about the extent of my responsibilities
  • Have written several blog posts recently
  • They leaked out of my head before I could get to the keyboard
  • Eager to see the debate on Friday
  • Will be pissed if it gets canceled/postponed
  • Freaked about the economic situation
  • Heard something this morning about each household having to shoulder $10K of extra debt?
  • I'm having enough difficulties, thank you, I don't need any help in that area from the entire country/government
  • Gonna have to check out that $10K thing
  • McCain is making too many bold statements that he's having to backpedal on
  • He doesn't backpedal well
  • Obama is being too quiet
  • But what do I know from politics?
  • Glad to see some of my favorites of the new shows that got sidelined due to the writers strike will be back this fall (among them, Life)
  • The jury is out on Fringe
  • Only saw the one episode so far but that's what they get for programming it opposite Eureka
  • Too many shows to watch - I need one of those DVRs that will record 4 programs @ once

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