Friday, September 26, 2008

Thoughts On Survivor

The first episode of Survivor is in the books and we've already lost two. Michelle went first because, basically, she was an outsider and an easy target and made the fatal mistake of complaining a little too much. Then, Gillian got ousted for being, well, old and slow. I think G should have gone first.

In true Survivor fashion, one tribe gelled immediately and is kicking butt while the other continues to flounder and lose because, as Randy put it during the second Tribal Council, "We have 8 individuals." There is hope, though. On day 4, the Fang tribe pulled together and actually fabricated some fishing equipment and had fish for dinner.

Here's my take on the remaining survivors:

Ace: He looks like a strong player. As long as he can keep his mouth shut and let his actions do the talking, he should go far.

Bob: Bob looks and acts like Bill Nigh The Science Guy, especially with that bow tie. Plus, he's holding his own in the physical challenges. Brains and ability, a fantastic combination in this game. He has emerged as a natural leader of the Kota tribe - not surprising since he's a teacher. If Bob can keep up his stamina for the physical challenges and continues playing the role of provider, he'll be a force to recon with. Not bad for 57 years old!

Charlie: Charlie is about as far out of the closet as I think he can get, having revealed a crush on Dan both to the audience and to Dan. As long as he doesn't flaunt it too much, it shouldn't get in his way. If he's not careful, he'll make even some moderately open-minded players uncomfortable, which could hurt him. Otherwise, he seems to have strategy well in hand by quickly formulating bonds and an alliance with Dan, and two of the girls.

Corinne: Haven't heard much out of her yet.

Crystal: Crystal revealed herself (to the audience) as an olympic athlete and medalist. She looks strong and talks strong but her strength has yet to show itself.

Dan: I peg Dan as a sleeper. He's obviously got some physical strength but something tells me we're going to see some surprises from this guy.

GC: This guy thinks he's something but I predict he will end up being manipulated or will be taking the walk of shame very quickly. The latter will probably happen if he doesn't learn when to keep his comments to himself.

Jacquie: Not much to go on yet.

Jessica (Sugar): The pin-up model could be another surprise competitor. She's got looks and what some would think of as a "fluffy" job but she looks to have a strong will and a strong personality. Watch out for this one as she is likely to sneak up form behind.

Kelly: I vaguely remember a Kelly in there somewhere. Nothing yet.

Ken: The professional video game player thinks he's got strategic skills. Sorry, but video game strategy doesn't always translate into the real world. I predict he'll hang on for a bit but will be one of the earlier casualties.

Marcus: Haven't heard much out of him.

Matty: Dude... he's been quiet too.

Poloma: She's needed help during the challenges. It could go either way with her.

Randy: He's one of the ones I think Charlie is going to rub the wrong way. Randy seems quite opinionated but is laying low. Once the shields go down, I think he'll be scrapping it up. This could help him hang on or lead to his departure. I don't think he's a contender for the big prize but he may have a few surprises.

Susie: Another "weak link" who's needed help in the challenges. Her willingness to try and her tenacity may be her savior but I think she's next to go.

That's it for now. If it stays one-sided, I hope they mix it up early on. If Fang can pull it together, it should be a fun few weeks.

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