Friday, January 02, 2009

The After Christmas Meme

I was thinking about doing a post like this anyway so when my sister did it, I went ahead and ran with it.

1.What did you get for Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate)? A Blu-Ray player and a USB Turntable

2. What was your favorite gift? The Blu-Ray (I got some movies, too)

3. What was the favorite gift that you gave? The digital photo frame to my mom. Actually, it was the 450+ photos on an SD card to go with the photo frame.

4. What was your favorite decoration? Didn't really look at them this year but I would have to say any of them that were at home (whichever home I happened to be at)

5. What was your favorite holiday food this year? The turkey at my MIL's house.

6. What was your favorite holiday candy? Didn't get into the candy this year. As for treats, the wife's pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (search for it on

7. What didn't you get to this year? A 120GB Zune. I really wanted to upgrade. I didn't expect to get it (they're $250) but that's the one that would have sent me into orbit.

8. Did you have snow? Not here. Saw some in KC but haven't had to deal with much of it this year.

9. Are the holidays too much stress? I found this year that the holidays only contain as much stress as you put upon yourself. I flat decided that I was just going to sail along and have a good time. We did several things early to avoid last-minute rushes and if it were up to me, everyone would have gotten their gift in a bag (and not necessarily in a gift bag). It's a good thing the wife doesn't feel the same way.

10. New Year's Resolutions - do you make them? If so, what are yours? I can take 'em or leave 'em

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