Sunday, January 03, 2010

Back To The Old Grind

I've been off work since Christmas Eve (one of the perks of working for an educational institution) and go back tomorrow morning. It's been a weird break this year. The weather has caused delays and missed opportunities. I spent a good chunk of time just plain bummed out.

On Friday I decided that one of the reasons I was down was that I hadn't accomplished anything so I went forth with plans to rearrange my office. Several months ago I was offered a computer server rack at no charge. The company was updating their server room and had several surplus racks. A friend of a friend of a friend started passing the word around and the offer landed in my ear.

The rack has been sitting in the garage since the day I picked it up. I spent some time and went through several possible configurations before landing on one that would work best. I taped the plan to the hutch on my desk and it stayed there... mocking me.

On Friday I started boxing up some of the items I had on bookshelves, etc and moved out a couple of pieces of furniture. On Saturday I moved out the rest of the furniture I needed to move, took down the computer, partially disassembled the desk, and moved in the rack. I spent some quality time with the rack, made some adjustments and installed a couple pieces of equipment.

Today, I reassembled the desk in the new spot and moved one of my shelving units out of the hallway. It had been sitting there all night and I didn't want to push my luck.

I still have a few boxes of stuff, my 19" CRT monitors, one of my printers and a couple smaller pieces of furniture in the guest bedroom but the heavy lifting is done. I still don't have the computer reconnected (I'm on the laptop). I want to get the cables under a little better control than they were previously so it will probably get hooked back up sometime this week as the rest of the office comes back together.

Because the hutch portion of the desk (it's a HUGE desk) is no longer against a wall, it blocks some of the light (it doesn't block the work area) and makes the room look a lot smaller. I can reconfigure the desk but that requires a major disassembly... I'll reserve that for another long weekend. Until then, I'll be enjoying my geek rack.

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