Monday, December 27, 2010

Dangerously Close To Becoming A Fanboy

Back in June, I broke down and bought an iPhone. Despite having to play in a walled garden I still very much like the device.

For Christmas, I received an iPad and haven't put it down for very long since I was first able to sync it with iTunes. The experience is very much the same as the iPhone. Same/similar limits in the operating system. Same restricted app installation process. Same protection by Apple from the outside world of rogue apps. I love it.

I was thinking about these two devices, how much I enjoy using them (despite their dictated limitations), and how much they have revolutionized the mobile communication and computing industries. I will gladly discuss the advantages, usefulness and revolutionary features of either of these devices with anyone who cares to ask. And that's when I started to wonder if I was becoming a fanboy.

Let me first give you my definition of a fanboy. The IBM/Apple debate has raged since the time of the Apple ][ and the original 8088-based IBM PC. The introduction of the Macintosh only added fuel to that fire. For most people, the debates between these very different worlds of Microsoft-based and Apple-based operating systems are religious wars. The fanboy, on either side of the argument, is the one who extols the virtues of his favorite device, ignores or waves aside the shortcomings of the same device, vehemently discounts any advantage of the other device, and lays open the disadvantages of the other device with surgical precision. His device is The One and The Only True Device.

I started thinking about these characteristics and, while I have ridden on the [insert device here] bandwagon several times I have never been so narrow-visioned to only see my device as having the features that would be everything anyone would ever need to the exclusion of all other devices. No device is perfect. I grew to dislike my Windows Mobile phone. The Pantech Matrix Pro had its limitations. And there are even some negatives in the iPhone.

The iPad is a real joy. A much larger screen to read from, watch movies, browse the web and play games. Amazingly, none of my gripes with the iPhone apply to the iPad. Give me a couple of days and I'm sure I'll come up with some.

In the end you find what works for you and you go with that. My perfect device is not your perfect device and it never will be. And that's why I don't consider myself a fanboy.


Aunt Murry said...

While I can't say I will never own something that begins with an i, I just don't like the "i" mentality.

Bubby said...

I used to be anti-Apple but their stuff just works. I can't argue with that.